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Independent Living Hub

The Independent Living Hub is led by disabled people and which promotes and maintains self progression, independence and choice. Based on the Social Model of Disability, we recognise the need to challenge and break through the physical and attitudinal barriers which disabled people face on a daily basis. Independent Living Hub members work at their own pace to access education, training, leisure, voluntary and social opportunities and employment.

The Independent Living Hub is located at West Lodge, West Crescent, Darlington, the building is single storey with electric doors and 4 accessible toilets, including one with a hoist. There is a computer/administration room, an Internet café, a large kitchen with adjustable height work surfaces, a main activity/training room and a quiet study/meeting room. There is also a small meeting room, a chill out / relaxation room and a sensory garden. The Independent Living Hub is used as a base for people to progress in their personal development.

The Hub's Garden

A group of young people from National Citizen Service came to volunteer in the Independent Living Hub’s garden. They added sensory plants and shrubs, tidies our existing plants. They also painted the hub garden wall. Everyone can appreciate and enjoy the garden after the group’s hard work and dedication.

Hub members are pleased with the results and some of their comments are below:

Wai said “The group have made good adjustments to the garden, and looks bright and colourful, they took their time to smarten it up, and they made a good job of it”
Damian said “It is now more pleasing and welcoming”
Barry said “It’s a good improvement, it looks like new”
and finally Wilma said “Its nice now”

Photographs of the new garden

Photo showing the ramp leading down to the seated area

(The above photo shows the ramp leading down to the seating area)

Photo showing the newly painted wall

(Above photo shows the newly painted wall

Wai exploring the garden

(Above photo shows Wai exploring the garden)