Compliments, comments and complaints


We want to hear from you if you would like to compliment us, comment on our service, or make a complaint.

Darlington Association on Disability is committed to making sure that it delivers the highest possible service. To do this we have a Compliments, Comments and Complaints policy.

Compliments and comments are used as one of the ways in which trustees monitor the quality of the organisation. Each site where DAD works, has a system for collecting your comments. If you would like to pay us a compliment, or comment in any way on the service you receive please ask a member of staff or contact someone at our Registered Office, details of which are on the last page.

Comments requiring a response will receive a full reply.

Complaints are welcomed and may be written, or communicated in another way, for example, verbally, signed or by e-mail. You may be supported by the person of your choice to make the complaint.

A named person will be allocated to manage the complaint. This will not be someone personally involved in the complaint.

DAD recognises the need to learn from upheld complaints and will act on recommendations made as the result of the investigation of a complaint.

Procedure for making a complaint

  1. You may make your complaint in writing, in person or by communicating in a different way. The person recording the complaint should check with you whether the matter is for the attention of DAD but requires no further action or needs to be formally investigated and resolved.
  2. Details will be taken about your complaint and you will receive a response in 5 working days detailing any action we intend to take.
  3. Any outcomes will be normally be communicated to you within 28 days of the complaint being made. This is Stage 1. Usually most complaints are resolved at this stage.
  4. If you do not agree with the outcome the Chief Executive will investigate and send you a written reply.
  5. If you are still not happy, and want to take the complaint further you have a right of appeal to the trustees.  DAD will also provide information on where else you could go to seek redress.

For full details of DAD’s Compliments, Comments and Complaints policy and Complaints procedure, or if you have any questions, please contact:

For more information, or to make a written comment or complaint:

The Chief Executive of DAD is Lauren Robinson.

The Chair of Trustees is Gordon Pybus.

Both of them can be contacted at: 

Darlington Association on Disability
1P Enterprise House, 
Valley Street
Tel: 01325 489999
Email DAD

The contact details for Darlington Borough Council are:

Darlington Borough Council
Adult Social Care
Complaints and Information Governance Team 
Darlington Town Hall 
Tel: 01325 406777
Email Darlington Borough Council
Website (Complaints section)

Children’s Social Care:  As Adult Social Care above

Middlesbrough Borough Council:

Corporate Complaints Manager
Legal and Democratic Services
PO Box 503
Town Hall

Local Government Ombudsman, website details

Parents who wish to make a complaint about DASH should also use this same procedure. However, parents may also wish to complain through Ofsted, or where the child has been referred by the local authority, their local authority. 

The contact details for Ofsted are:

The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD


How you can support us

As a local organisation we very much rely on the support of our local community. We support over 2,000 people every year to have greater choice and control and remove the barriers that disabled adults and children experience in their everyday lives. But we need YOUR help.

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