How you can support us


As a local organisation we very much rely on the support of our local community, and continue to support people flexibly to have greater choice and control and remove the barriers that disabled people and children experience in their everyday lives. We support over 2,000 people every year.

You can see from our web site that we provide a wide range of support for disabled adults and carers in the North East region. Your help will enable us to continue as an organisation to provide this much needed support.

There are many ways you can support us and get involved, click on the options below to see how you can get involved. Have a look.    
If you have any questions, contact us using the details below,.

Become a Company member

DAD is a user-led organisation and is a charity limited by guarantee, this means it is a charity and a company.

To be a DAD company member you must be a member of the company and DAD would like as many people as possible to be a DAD company member whether they are already members of a group, project or scheme within the organisation or not. Volunteers, service users or anyone who is interested in disability or carer issues are welcome.

Company membership is free; however, anyone wishing to be a member must agree to the company Memorandum of Articles and sign agreeing to abide by them. The Memorandum of Articles can be translated or read out and explained if that is what someone prefers.

DAD company members and only DAD company members can vote at the AGM or any General Meeting. Only DAD company members can become Trustees of DAD and only DAD company members can make changes to DAD’s Governance. DAD aims to ensure that disabled people and carers have control over their own lives and by becoming a DAD company member you will be helping us to continue our essential work.

Please apply now to be a DAD company member. If you think you are already, please still get in contact with us so we can check.

To apply online for membership please go to the Membership section or check if you are a DAD company member please contact Judith on 01325 489999 or email Judith Gledhill

Volunteer with DAD

Without its volunteers DAD would not be able to operate. Every year DAD relies on the valuable work delivered by over 60 regular volunteers across all of its projects. In addition DASH play services annually recruits and trains an additional 40-50 volunteers to support its holiday playschemes.

The Access Interest Group makes a difference for disabled people in Darlington by highlighting good practice around access issues both physical and attitudinal, raising concerns with planners and monitoring public access across the town. The Access Interest Group is always looking for peoples views on access issues, email

Make a donation

We use Just Giving, which is the leading online charitable giving provider.  We appreciate every donation we receive, which enables us to continue our work, where grants are becoming harder to obtain. 

Visit our page on the justgiving website JustGiving to make a secure online donation. The page also allows you to follow our fundraising activities and sponsor an activity. We use Just Giving, which is the leading online charitable giving provider. 

You can also make a donation by calling in to DAD's office. A regular donation to DAD would enable us to continue with our work, supporting disabled people and carers. If you would like to make a regular donation by Direct Debit please contact our Business Support Officer, Judith Gledhill, on 01325 489999.

Leaving us a gift in your Will

You don't have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will.  Any gift, no matter how large or small will make a huge difference.

How to leave us a gift in your Will

  • To make sure the money goes to the right place please include our full name in your Will: Darlington Association On Disability Limited, a charity registered in England Charity Number: 1125848
  • If you have already written us into your Will, we’re very grateful and thank you for all your support. Although discretionary, you can contact us to tell us about your gift as we would like the opportunity to thank you.

Amazon Smile

You can now support DAD every time you buy something from Amazon by registering with

If you are already registered just go to Amazon smile and choose Darlington Association on Disability.

If not its quick and easy to register if you are on line shopping.

Nominate DAD for your employers Annual Charity

A great way to support us is to nominate us as your employer’s or organisation Charity of the Year. This means that more people get on board with fundraising and it can also be a great way to help raise awareness of the support we can provide to people in the area and the organisation you work for.

Get involved in fundraising

Raise funds for DAD by organising a fundraising activity or taking part in one of our events. If you have a good idea for raising money or have some time to spare to help with an event, please let us know.

Whether you are a business, school, college or community group; we are a great organisation to fundraise for. Some examples include: raffles, coffee mornings, tombolas, fundraising party or ball.

As a local organisation, you will know your fundraising is supporting local people and making a real difference. We can use our website to promote your fundraising efforts.


How you can support us

As a local organisation we very much rely on the support of our local community. We support over 2,000 people every year to have greater choice and control and remove the barriers that disabled adults and children experience in their everyday lives. But we need YOUR help.

Click here to find out how you can support us

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